Lesson 3

The Prayer of Intercession

What is intercession? It is praying on behalf of another, or taking the place of another on the battlefield of prayer.

Jesus came as an intercessor

Isaiah 59:16-17 His arm brought salvation

John 12:35-40 Saviour, deliverer, healer are all manifestations of an Intercessor

Hebrews 7:25 Jesus intercessory ministry is still going on.

An intercessor is one who has one hand on God and one hand on the person in need. Job 9:33. We are the flow of the power of God to the person we are interceding for. We also stand between the forces of darkness and that person. Help cannot come unless someone stands in the gap. The intercessor becomes the vital link between God and man. And the barrier between Satan and man. Unless we ask, God can do nothing. The intercessor moves the hand of God. That is why Satan fears intercession so much.

Intercession: Definition

Hebrew: to come up against, to strike against, to be violent against, to light or fall upon, to come between to meet with, to entreat, to pray, to reach & to run

Greek: a meeting between, to meet with, to come between, to meet in behalf of one, concerning one, for one, in ones stead, in the behalf of and on ones part, to get the ear of a King

Mark 11:23 & 24

We have been taught right and well that whatsoever things we desire when we pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them. But, because of the faith teaching we have received we have been confused about intercessory prayer. This scripture is a prayer for things YOU desire and it is a prayer that you pray for yourself, not other people. I must pray the prayer of intercession for others. For their salvation, healing, deliverance or whatever they need. We must pray for baby Christians, small children, sinners, anyone who does not have enough knowledge or faith to receive from God by themselves. It is not unbelief to pray 24 hours a day if necessary. It may take hours, or days or weeks and longer to break through unbelief, and keep back the demonic forces, to see the manifestation of healing, salvation, or deliverance for someone.

You will know if the job is done. The Lord will let you know in your spirit and there will be a release of some kind. Laughter, crying, singing, praise. You will just know.

How do I pray for a person in need?

1) Speak the word of God - praying with the understanding - build in that

person the desired results.

2) Praying in the Spirit - with other tongues and as the Spirit wills with

groaning and travail - producing life.

3) Praise and Worship God for the answer.

Intercession is a vital part of every ministry. It unlocks the treasure house of the world of the Spirit. It is especially vital for Pastors and leaders of any Christian organization to spend time in intercession for the body of believers he or she is responsible for. Unless the leaders are intercessors, donít look for intercessors in your church. The vision God has given you, will only pass as it is birthed through intercession.

Intercession will rock the world. You will see answers to prayer and signs and wonders will follow. Until you have an intercessory prayer time you will not see the fulfillment of your ministry.

When should you intercede?

I Thess. 5:17 Pray without ceasing. Be ready at all times to break the bondage over people. But also set aside a specific time each day to get alone with God and intercede and seek His face. And be willing to pray and stick with it until you see deliverance.

Why should I intercede?

1) To see Satanís hold broken

2) The Father says to

3) It helps the word to go forth

4) It edifies you, builds you up Jude 20, I Cor. 14:4

5) There is a warfare to be fought Eph. 6:12

6) There are weapons to be used II Cor. 10:4

7) Some people will never receive victory on their own. Intercession is a

tool to open their hearts and minds, and it penetrates Satanic activity and

breaks their power. We must daily render them useless and helpless, and

we must stay out of strife.

Jesus put his armour on to intercede. Isaiah 59:16-17

Donít go into intercession without your armour Eph. 6:10-18 With it Satan canít tell the difference between you and Jesus.

Jesus is our intercessor Hebrews 7:25, Romans 8:34

As He is, so are we in this world I John 4:17

Intercession is two things

1) Wrestling against principalities and powers Eph. 6:12

2) Coming boldly into the throne room of God Hebrews 4:16

Your prayers take you and that person into the throne room. Go in with

the answer and you will come out with Victory! We are one with Him.

Get that in your mind and nothing will be able to stand against you.

I Peter 2:4-9, Heb. 13:15

We are a Holy Priesthood. Offering up sacrifices of praise and worship and intercession.

And a Royal Priesthood reaching out touching the hurting and the lost.

The Holy Priesthood keeps us pure and makes a way for the Royal Priesthood. Acts 2:1-16, Acts 3:1-6

Jesus prayed day and night and when he went out, the Royal Priesthood went into operation. He spoke the word and healed the sick, cast out devils, and raised the dead. We are a portable ark of the covenant, the temple of God.

Wherever we go, the Glory of the Lord should be manifested. We should bring life wherever we go.


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