As our story continues, we find Jesus talking to a man called Matthew.

He was a tax collector and not very well liked.  Jesus went to his house for dinner.

And he asked to leave everything and follow him.  Matthew did and became one of Jesus' disciples.  There were twelve men all together that traveled with Jesus.

Simon Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Nathanael, Matthew, Bartholemew,

Judas, Thaddeus, Thomas and another James.

While Jesus was dining at a friend's house named Simon

A woman came in and knelt at his feet and began to weep.

Then she washed his feet with her tears,

and then wiped them with her hair.

Then she broke open a vial or expensive ointment

and poured it over his feet.

Simon protested greatly, as did the others.

But Jesus said, you did not even provide water

for me to wash my feet with, but this woman,

has not only washed them but anointed them as well.

Then he looked at the woman and said

Woman, your sins are forgiven you, go in peace.

At the end of a long day, Jesus stepped into the a boat

and said, "Let us go to the other side."

Since he was very tired from the day, he laid down and slept.

Suddenly a great storm arose and beat violently

against the boat. The ship began to sink!

The disciple, fearing greatly, awoke him and said

Don't you care about us?

Jesus arose and spoke to the wind and the sea

and said "Peace be still!" Then he looked at them and said

"Why are you so fearful? Where is your faith?"

The disciples were amazed that even

the sea and the wind obeyed him.

While Jesus was walking along one day,

a woman made her way through the crowd.

She was very sick, but she knew if she could

just touch Jesus she would be healed.

As soon as she touched his garment, she was.

Just before that a man had come up to

Jesus and asked him to come and heal his daughter.

Unfortunately, before they got there, the little girl died.

But Jesus chased everyone out of the room and took

the little girl by the hand. He said to her

"Little maid, arise!" Immediately, she opened her eyes,

and he told them to get her something to eat.

Jesus is our doctor!

Aren't you glad he loves us?

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